Bus Transportation Overview

Free bus transportation services are provided by your child’s School District of Residence based on the address on file with our school that matches your Proof of Residency documentation (provided each year during re-enrollment). Per district policy, eligibility for transportation services may be limited to a specific radius surrounding the location of the school. Scroll down to read specific information for your District of Residence. If your District of Residence is different than what is listed below, please contact the School to inquire if your student is eligible to receive another form of transportation service.


Columbus City School District

Students who reside within the boundaries of the Columbus City School District can request transportation to school by completing an online Transportation Request. All transportation requests for our students must be made by the students’ families using the Columbus City Schools Infinite Campus/Parent Portal Online Registration.

Complete your online application »

For bus routes or questions regarding completing the online application. contact the Columbus City Schools Transportation Department by calling (614) 365-5074.


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